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Hyloris is an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company focused on adding value to the healthcare system by reformulating well-known pharmaceuticals. We unlock the untapped potentials of existing medications to create new and improved treatment options. We develop innovative proprietary products that offer significant advantages compared to currently available alternatives. Our aim is to address the unmet medical needs of patients, hospitals, physicians, payors and other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Hyloris’ development strategy follows the FDA’s 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway for pharmaceuticals. This means the safety and efficacy of the molecule have already been established. We aim to reduce the clinical burden of bringing a product to market and to significantly shorten development timelines, as well as reduce costs and risks, compared to the development of New Chemical Entities. We look beyond the product life-cycle horizon to enable improved treatments for conditions across a range of therapeutic areas.


We see a brighter future for medical care, and we are committed to bringing this future into reality. Together with our partners, we transform the applications of existing pharmaceutical products through unrelenting innovation. We forge new pathways for these treatments, taking them in sometimes surprising directions that meaningfully impact the experience of both patients and practitioners.

Advance healthcare to the benefit of patients and healthcare providers.


At Hyloris, we take pride in our entrepreneurial culture. With our focus on maximizing efficiency, we empower our staff and partners to make a difference. We hold them in the highest regard and value open communication and respect. We are passionate about making a meaningful difference to people’s lives and wellbeing and this is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in what people can make possible.

Together, we can
change the world.

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Hyloris is spearheaded by a highly experienced management team. Their passion and drive are the backbone of our company’s success.

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