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Many pharmaceuticals that have already been approved have hidden potential that can lead to new and different solutions. Hyloris improves and develops these drugs to offer advanced applications for patients and healthcare professionals. There are aspects other than the molecule itself that must be considered in order to fully unlock this potential. The route of administration and the specific formulation are often essential to uncovering the added value of a product, discovering how it can meet different medical needs and bring additional benefits to patients.

Intravenous, ready-to-use (RTU) formulas allow healthcare providers to save time by avoiding additional dilution and handling procedures. This also means the risk of incorrect dosing due to dilution errors is reduced.

Ready To Use formulation of tranexamic acid (medication used to treat or prevent excessive blood loss), improving convenience and readiness to use of a (potential) critical care product.

A prefilled syringe of a commonly used product (treating a specific deficiency) offering increased ease of use and possible health economic benefits.

Through intravenous routes, doctors are able to administer drugs directly into the patient’s bloodstream. The drug is delivered into a vein, which allows a rapid onset of its effects. This method also allows the delivery of precise drug quantities, and enables doctors to deliver drugs without disturbing the patient.

IV formulation that is a unique combination of two trusted active (non-opioid) pharmaceutical molecules that work together in different, yet complementary ways to help relieve pain.

The availability of oral liquid formulations is important for some medical conditions in which precise dosing is imperative (i.e. when there is a narrow therapeutic window), or if the dose will need to be changed during the period of therapy (i.e. loading dosage, or a dose change due to the patient’s condition). In these cases, oral liquid formulations improve compliance and minimise the risks associated with inappropriate drug dosages.

Oral liquid formulations are also essential for children, who often experience difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules and for patients living with dysphagia, a common condition among older patients.

Liquid formulation that allows for treatment of patients undergoing a specific dental procedure.

Liquid form of an existing antiviral drug currently only available as an oral solid.

Liquid formulation based on atomoxetine, a molecule used primarily for the treatment of patients with ADHD, which allows for improved dosing (as dosing is also based on body weight) and convenience.

Liquid formulation of a commonly used molecule for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions requiring frequent dose adjustments.


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