Our diverse portfolio of products and product candidates spans a wide range of therapeutic indications and dosage forms. With a special focus on cardiovascular products, we endeavour to improve hospital care for patients who have critical cardiovascular indications. We also further develop and improve already-approved pharmaceuticals and established products, creating new and different solutions.

Product pipeline


Phase 1/2

Phase 3



Sotalol – Arrhythmia disorders
Maxigesic IV ® – Pain Management
HY-EMP-016 – Skin infection disease
HY-REF-039 – Inherited bleeding disorders
HY-EMP-076 – Fusidic acid cream
HY-REF-004 ® – Dental indication
HY-REF-038 ® – Hormone Therapy
HY-REF-029 ® – Infectious Diseases
HY-REF-030 ® – Neurology
HY-CVS-032 – Congestive Heart Failure
HY-CVS-033 – Atrial Fibrillation
HY-CVS-073 – Coronary Heart Disease
HY-CVS-074 – Congestive Heart Disease
HY-CVS-075 – Coronary Heart Disease
Product portfolio

Disclaimer: Estimated timeline/indication in the pipeline is subject to changes in development plans and regulatory
requirements/clarifications, including complementary /additional studies

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