We want to collaborate with you!

Together, we have the potential to make positive changes in people’s lives. We are looking for Partners who are passionate about creating a brighter future for medical care. Do you share this vision? Contact us today. We look forward to working alongside you to build a better tomorrow.

Hyloris wants to collaborate with you! Together, we will pursue new products, advance medical science, improve patient care and fulfil unmet medical needs. Our special focus is on cardiovascular drugs, so we are searching for new opportunities in this area in particular. But there are no limitations to the ways in which our work can make an impact. We are also on the lookout for innovative ways to improve lives across many areas of medical care. We are specifically interested in opportunities in the US that may, or may not, require clinical trials.

Our ideal product candidates:

  • are based on existing chemical entities;
  • offer low development risk, based on a high degree of certainty in the product’s safety and efficacy, supported by existing literature or historic use;
  • meet existing needs (including products that are currently being compounded;
  • offer added value to patients, physicians, healthcare providers and other stakeholders.

We are currently looking to in-license products that strengthen our presence and complement our product portfolio. We are not searching for new chemical entities; we are on the hunt for creative ideas. For concepts that are genius, but often seem simple, and that have been overlooked or never truly valued. Projects already in early or late stage development will also be considered. With our experience, flexibility and efficient organisation, we swiftly develop and deliver products to the market.

At the same time, we aim to explore new markets and expand our reach through collaborations. We are keen to partner with companies in positions to introduce our products to new countries and markets. When you partner with Hyloris, we provide you with the support you need to successfully introduce the selected products with minimal risk. This is one of our core values. We believe in Higher Yield with Lower Risk.

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